The European Researchers' Night is an initiative launched in 2005, currently bi-annual, financed by the European Comission, through Marie Curie Actions, aiming to celebrate Science and reduce the gap between researchers and citizens.

This initiative, which seeks to break down the barriers separating science from citizens and demystify the distant image of the scientist, is an opportunity to disseminate the high-quality work and innovation developed by Portuguese researchers, as well as to highlight the importance of an efficient communication between research centers and civil society.

The European Researchers' Night translates into a series of activities happening throughout the year culminating in a night of celebration of Science, taking place in several European cities on the last Friday of September. In 2018, it took place on September 28 and in 2019 will be on September 27.

SciCity is the theme of the European Researchers' Night of the 2018-2019 biennium, which aims to bring researchers and society together in build-up activities and during the evenings of last Friday of September. The theme seeks to respond to the main concerns of urban communities related to the global changes planned for the coming decades, highlighting the relevance of science to ensure the quality of life in cities of the future and the preservation of cultural heritage as an essential factor for sustainability.

The consortium of the project coordinated by the Lisbon University through National Museum of Natural History and Science (MUHNAC), colaborating with the School of Sciences of Minho University, the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of NOVA University of Lisbon, the University of Évora and the University Institute of Lisbon organising activities in Lisbon, Braga and Évora. The Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality of Estoril is also a partner, contributing to an cultural heritage preservation approach, disseminating the Mediterranean Diet, as well as the City Council of Lisbon that will guarantee the engagement of diverse audiences and stakeholders of Lisbon's civil society.

The MUHNAC will be organising activities taking place in that night inLisbon, as well as a general public programme of activities at Rato/ Príncipe Real, aimed at presenting high-quality scientific research produced in Portugal. Besides the activities being developed in Lisbon, other regions of the country such as Minho and Alentejo will be celebrating Science at Altice Forum Braga and University of Évora, respectively.

Besides the consortium organization, more associations became associated partners such as The Science Museum of University of Coimbra, the Botanical Garden of University of Coimbra, the National Museum Machado de Castro and the Lago do Alqueva Observatory that will also develop activities in Coimbra and Monsaraz, respectively

The European Researchers' Night is celebrated in any countries and 55 different ERN projects have been approved in 2018. Get to know other ERN projects in Portugal and abroad.